Who is Paddy

Bristol-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Paddy Uglow is currently playing backing with Chandra Moon, and working on his own original material. Go to the BLOG to find out more.

Paddy plays keyboards, violin, guitars, penny whistles and percussion, in a big mixture of techno, drum‘n’bass, synth-pop, darkwave, techno-goth, eighties, progressive trance, singer-songwriter, fusion, indie… Have a listen on the AUDIO&LYRICS page and make up your own mind.

You can contact Paddy by email at paddy@creativemedia.org.uk or send an instant message using the box at the bottom of this page.

Paddy Uglow, Musician
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Gigs are listed on my Facebook page. If you’re not on Facebook please send a request for gig updates along with your email address using the box below.


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“Super excited to see more of this kind of stuff online.” - anon

“I like this minimalist site! Coolio.” - anon

“Tired, but wired” - Menekse

“Scary, melancholic and joyous” - Paddy