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All Of The Rest (2012)

A song for the lonely and afraid…

I only sing ‘cos I can’t speak.
My blood is tired, my body’s weak.
The guilty feelings come without warning.
Was it so wrong to turn over and sleep ‘til morning?
Oh did you hear the noise last night?
We covered up our ears and shut our eyes so tight.
Only praying someone somewhere holds a light,
For those in peril in the night.

If you don’t mind kindly stop the world and let me rest.
I wish I was the same as all of the rest.

It turned out to be the hardest master.
We’re fleeing fast; the fear follows faster.
Terror twists the tongue and tangles tired tracks.
And then it trashes truth by crossing friendly fingers behind backs.
Only the lonely understand:
Oh how you are beat and broken by your own hand.
Oh how your feet slowly sink in to the quick sands.
And all the things you thought you’d do you never can.

And my heart was far from cold that day.
I was only too afraid to say.
I turned my back like everybody else.
I guess it doesn’t help to know how very much I hate myself.

All Along the Watchtower - Bob Dylan, last verse by Paddy

“There must be some way out of here;”
Said the joker to the thief.
“There’s too much confusion,
I can’t get no relief.
Businessmen they drink my wine,
Ploughmen dig my earth.
None of them along the line,
Know what any of this is worth.”

All along the watchtower,
Princes took their view.
While the women came and went.
Bare-foot servants too.
Outside in the distance,
A wildcat did growl.
Two riders were approaching,
And the wind began to howl.

“No reason to get excited,”
The thief he calmly spoke.
“There are many here among us who think,
Lif is but a joke.
But you and I we’ve been through that,
And that is not our fate.
So let us not talk falsely,
For the hour is getting late.”

The first rider took out his scroll,
And hurled it in the sea.
Satellites were spinning round,
Sky full of electricity.
The watchers in the darkness,
Were counting out their days.
“Some of them will understand,
But who will show the way?”

All fall down (2011)

A song for sycophants, fair-weather friends and people who make money out of the false hopes and dreams of others.

They only meant well.
Because they’ve walked in those shoes.
Everyone must have prizes
’cos if you only choose just the few,
Those jealous little things,
Will stand outside the ring,
But who’ll come to the coronation,
When everyone is king?

So it’s all fine
And everybody knows that
You only have to try.
So what makes you think you’re so special?

All fall down,
We’ve made too many compromises
To play the game without the prizes.
All fall down,
So we can take the stakes from saints and sinners.
Turn the losers into winners.
All fall down,
We were victims all of circumstances
Waiting for our second chances
But until it all comes round,
We’ll join the losers and the failures
Bow before these lying saviours.

So everybody’s won,
Before the game’s begun.
(and) everybody says you’re so wonderful,
So why are you so glum?
We couldn’t quite disquise
Our whitest whitest lies,
We kept our fingers crossed behind.
We didn’t want to seem unkind.

So now you’ve spoilt the fun
And fun is all we’ve done.
We only meant to please,
And make believe that we’re so special

We wasted so much time,
Trying and trying.
You said that we were fine.
Turns out you were lying.
Will we ever get what we deserve?
Will it be heaven or a hell or something worse?
Will we ever get what we deserve?
What makes you think you’re so special?

All fall down
We make so many compromises:
There’s no game and there’s no prizes.
All fall down.
Take the stakes from saints and sinners.
No more losers, no more winners
All fall down.

And because it all goes round.
Join the failures and the losers,
Running from these fakes and users.

What do you think? You’re so special.

All My Fault

A song about arguments and misunderstandings. I so often take the blame just to shut people up and then get depressed and angry on my own. This song is about fighting back with the teenage “W” word!

If only the words that get blurred and misheard,
Could be washed in the river;
Given back to the giver.
If all discontent that was sent (but not meant),
Could be gently dismembered,
Returned to the sender.
If only I said what I meant in my head:
I turned the world frantic with my syntax and semantics.
It gets so pedantic,
But what can you do,
When the Chinese whisperers start shouting at you?

And it’s all my fault,
Yeah right.
And I’m so sorry.

The story continues,
I wish I’d never begun it.
And everybody loses,
‘Cos the argument won it.
Solitary silence,
Collateral pain,
Imaginary violence:
“You said it again!”
I’ll open my doors if you’ll just open yours.
Words so rehearsed,
And then I just make it worse and you:
Just to important to
Just walk away and you
Must understand that I
Just want to say won’t you…

Give me a sign.
I’ll admit my mistake if you’ll only forget it,
I’m losing the thread,
Now you take it and pull it.
I’m increasingly naked
And you pick at the holes and it’s…

All Right In The End

For people who always say “You’ll be fine” whether you’re facing an interview, exam, cancer, apocalypse… Sometimes it’s NOT fine. But I guess they’re appreciated all the same…

How can you say,
That it’ll turn out all right in the end?
Don’t go away.
I need words of comfort from a friend.

Don’t say nothing.
You don’t know nothing.
Empty mouths just showing up the clouds,
Funeral shrouds, you talk so loud,
But you say nothing.
But my mind will recall,
The last time when you after it all…

Round and round and round we go.
Platitudes all plastic-hued;
I told you so,
I told you so.
Wish I could say in the end you’re not there.
Wish I could say it’s only words.
Round and round and round and round we go.

We’ll be wiser than words,
The spirit is talking.
Free as the birds; sky-larking.
Truly heard; not crossing the Ts or the Is.
Are there tears in my eyes?

No way of knowing;
Should I be going?
Examine my mind the rest of the time and it’s,
Gone, it’s gone, it’s gone gone.
No way of knowing.

American Movies

American movies,
It’s the same old story.
American movies.
The death and the glory.
French fries, Blue jeans, Coca Cola
All over-sexed and over there
Until it’s all over.
Turn on the TV.
American movies

When the funerals are over,
the death and the glory,
Ultimat-ly de-pends upon
Who’s telling the story
And the same old story,
Goes fact to fiction, to film and back.
Checking the FX and the shock and the awe,
And the rating are so great, so let’s make some more of those

American movies.
(It’s the) Same old story.
American Movies, American Movies.

American movies,
Same old story.
American movies.
Death and the glory.
The military theatre as a superbowl,
A word from our sponsors
Then the credits role.
American movies.

And your enemy’s enemies
Might just be
The kind of people
Who are good at making enemies.
Just take the flag
And the country falls.
You’ll bring (American) liberal decomcracy for all.
Give them the freedom, the freedom to choose,
Any colour you like, as long as it’s red white and blue.

American movies.
You tacitly approve these.
American movies.
You willfully pursue the
American movies.
Your life gets confused with
American movies.
Until you follow all the rules of these
American movies.

The Anger

Trying to express the feelings when a friend died suddenly.

Time to face your fear,
It’s crystal clear,
And now it’s here.
As every day goes by,
It gets harder to try,
To stay alive
To survive

So, it feels like you want to die.
You’ve cried all the tears you’ve got to cry.
No one will tell you why
Don’t ask me.

Somebody help me.
Give me the reason.
Tell me the answer
Before I start believing nothing matters.

Give me your words,
No pretty platitudes.
I’ve got to feel,
That I’ve little left to lose.
I’ll give you my tears,
No sugar-salted lies.
You’ve lost so much,
That you’ve got so little left to lose.

Anything for love

A cynical anti love song? Quel suprise?!

We’ll do anything for love.
We’ll do anything just because.
Anything, anything, anything,
but please not on our own.
We’ll do anything for love.

So give me a passion,
And give me a sign.
Still feeling the shame,
Of wanting you to be mine.
Give me the rules,
But spare me the game.
‘cause I don’t want to play,
But I might want to win all the same.

I’d do anything for you.
I would like to believe that dreams will come true.
Is it all me, me, me in my mind,
When I’m thinking of you?
But being in love with my mind is all I can do.

So give me a reason,
To screw up your life.
To be single and selfish,
Or husband and wife.
Give me the rules,
But spare me the game.
‘cause I don’t want to play,
But I might want to win all the same.
All the same.

A Whole New Universe (2007)

This song was inspired by poems by William Blake and TS Eliot: The one that talks about seeing a heaven in a flower, and a universe in a grain of sand. And the one that talks about travelling, and that you’ll finally achieve wisdom and enlightenment when you come home from all your travelling and see the wonder in your familiar surroundings, as if it’s something you’ve never seen before. I like the idea of simple beauty and discovering that happiness and contentment depend on our minds, not on what we own or do, and that normal mundane life can be pretty startling. End of sermon…

Don’t look if you are easily blinded.
Don’t listen if you’re needlesly reminded.
Don’t say a word,
Until you’ve been there.

Don’t stop travelling; You are wanderlust,
You’re the one you lost.

Wait... til you’re completely grounded.
Did you know that you’re ultimately surrounded?
So many galaxies: tell me you’ve found it.
The sweat of your brow:
You made every drop,
A sea and an ocean,
Your mind in the motion.

But every time you make up your mind,
Take good care.
And every time you open your eyes,
Look for something there.
And if you were looking for hope or for freedom,
Don’t wonder where.
And when you reach the end of your journey,
Be aware,

That there’s a whole new universe out there.

So to the end:
Shattered illusions,
Are you drawing conclusions?

Life - it all depends:
Happily poor or miserably wanting it all.
You’re nothing much but your mind makes you tall.
You’ve finally made it.

Believe (October 2008)

This one is for frogs, youngest sons, ugly sisters, gamblers, terrorists… It’s about “wishing on a star and all your dreams coming true.”. Does the world really work like it does in fairy tales? The video is from a gig at Mr Wolf’s in November 2008.

Dreaming of princes…
Once upon a time.
(The) last of three wishes
And castles in the sky.

The prettiest of lies-es,
Are coming in your sizes but it doesn’t make them true.
The ink upon the pages,
Doesn’t show up all the greys-es,
But what else can you do?

Because maybe it’s true,
And though we all know better
(We’re all grown up now)
We do.

So you take the narrow pathways when you can,
Because you heard the one about the easy way.
And it’s maybe rags to riches every day, Cross your fingers
The glass shoe, it always “could be you”, they say.

But Cinderella’s sisters,
And the ones who got no wishes,
The ones who didn’t rub the lamp
And the frogs who missed the kisses.
And the ones who give their lives away,
For the vilest of pretences,
And the ones who’ll never let you down,
Never mind the consequences…

‘cause if it’s not true,
Then what is the use?
(Just who’s in charge here?)

But what if we made up the stories and we made up the roles.
What if we invented heaven, and we invented souls.
And when we shared our hopes and dreams were we really just pretending?
What if we invented innocence and all those happy endings?

Then the wickedest of witches has nothing on us.

Burn All Maps

A song about letting go. Lyrics and melody: Scooby. Music: Paddy

Long lost friend rang today
Asked me where my life was at
I’ve got plans, don’t we all
For tomorrow, next year.

Weather man spoke of rain
Woke next day when the sun shone in
Search the sky for the clouds
For the blue, for the grey

Have you bought your pension plan
Cover now, said the insurance man
So we plan for what may never be
To save our old souls

What’s your plans when you die?
Will you wish you’d replayed life?
Got your funeral planned, your final words
Your final stand of all

Time rolls by, gathers speed
We run fast on heavy feet
Take your time, breathe the air
Live the moment, feel wind in your hair…
…feel wind in your hair.

Here we go, on the road
On the road forever
Where we go, no-one knows
But we’re on this road together
Burn your map, pack your rucksack
Turn your feet to the sky
Don’t look back, lose the pack
Follow the stars
Cos you can’t stay here

Can you feel?

Lots of hippy rubbish about flowing with the energy of kindness and consideration, until I can say “It is finished” and travel home to the ocean. Whatever…

Can you feel? (the river)
River run makin’ it right,
Dreaming that the end’s in sight.
Freedom coming my way,
This is the day today.

After all,
It’s a long time coming,
After all we’ve said and done,
River run,
I need to touch your shore,
I’ll be the water.

River run to the ocean,
Setting my dream in motion.
Carrying the transformation,
This is revolution.

After all,
We’re soon forgotten.
After all we’ve said and done,
River run,
I need to touch your shore,
I’ll be the water.

How long?
How strong.

Don’t let the cliches get you down.

“All good things to those who try”
But don’t let the bastards get you down.
“Life’s a bitch and then you die”,
Don’t let the bastards get you down.
Choking on your silver spoon.
Don’t let the bastards get you down.
They promised you the sun and moon.
Don’t let the bastards get you down.

One man said “it has never been easy”,
Another man said “I know it so well”.
Someone said “We’re all too greedy”,
Somebody said “Well, what the hell?"
Everybody’s reaching trying,
For another big slice of pie-in-the-sky.
So don’t care don’t dare don’t share don’t care don’t dare don’t share
Walk on by.

So it’s all come clear.
People listen, people hear.
Now, the time of attack.
You’ve got me going now I’ll never look back.
Oh? But didn’t you know?
If anybody’s left say “I told you so”.
Yes, word to the wise.
Don’t sell your fiddles ‘til the waters rise.

Oh my, look at the sky.
I can’t imagine why,
But everything has started to die,
Oh my, look at the sky,
I don’t know why,
But everyone has started to see,
That maybe we are the ones having too much fun,
Here come the creditors…
Breathe while you can,
Shake the disease,
Oh no - here comes the editor…

Eleventh hour, Eleventh Day (1998)

A song for all victims of war, inspired by Armistice Day and released at 11am, 11/11/2011

6 days early.
1st light of dawn,
Opens his eyes for the first time;
Breathing in the air.
First steps to see what may be.

They cheered when he left,
The white cliffs of Dover.
And they welcomed him home,
When the war was over.
Over the top under fire,
Choking up the air.
What d’you do there,
First World War hero?

We kicked a ball between the lines.
I took his picture,
He took mine.
And just for a moment it felt like,
We breathed the self same air;
The war was never there;
We could be anywhere;
If God is on our side,
Smile smile smile.

He still dreams of November,
And a photograph on Christmas day.
He can remember,
11th hour, 11th day.

“Peace in our time,”
He’s back over the lines,
For his country.
Working the hands he commands,
And death falls from the air.
He’s wondering where,
It is falling.

Now he rocks in his chair,
Like a baby.
And the legends and scars,
Have gone hazy.
Torn fields return to the flowers,
And birds sing in the air.
And sense never dares,
To question history,
Stupid history,

Fever (2008) - Otis Blackwell and Eddie Cooley

Never know how much I love you, never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that’s so hard to bear
You give me fever - when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight
Fever - in the the morning, fever all through the night.

Sun lights up the daytime, moon lights up the night
I light up when you call my name, and you know I’m gonna treat you right

Everybody’s got the fever, that is something you all know
Fever isn’t such a new thing, fever started long ago.
Romeo loved Juliet, Juliet she felt the same
When he put his arms around her, he said “Julie baby you’re my flame”
Thou givest fever, when we kisseth, fever with thy flaming youth
Fever - I’m afire, fever yea I burn forsooth.

Captain Smith and Pocahontas had a very mad affair
When her daddy tried to kill him, she said “Daddy-O don’t you dare.
He gives me fever - with his kisses, fever when he holds me tight
Fever - I’m his missus, Daddy won’t you treat him right?”

Now you’ve listened to my story, here’s the point I have made:
Chicks were born to give you fever, be it Fahrenheit or Centigrade
They give you fever - when you kiss them, fever if you live and learn
Fever - till you sizzle, what a lovely way to burn.

Finally Defenceless

A love song

Picked up the receiver,
And dialled your number wrong,
(Now) the secrets are all out,
And I’m gambling with friends.
I picked up the phone,
Put down the phone
Dialled your number wrong,
Put down the receiver.

Bury my head in the floor,
Try to bury my face in the wall.
It’s panic,
It’s fear
And it’s nearer than near.
As if I didn’t know what was happening here.
Come on paranoia.
And bring all the crap and throw it around.
I’ll scream and I’ll howl, til I upset the neighbours.

Broken dreams it seems,
It’s all I have to live for.
Couldn’t be-lieve
Could it be that I’m finally stumbling through?
Out of my dreams, Out of the darkness
I guess it’s all because of you
am finally-defenceless

This is a story,
I knew it all so well,
Some tired old drama,
I’ve done it now; predictable as hell,
And how can it be?
When I’ve walked this tired way
Well I don’t know.
Just goes to show,
You never can tell.

Oh, the hours and days and all the years,
And all the hopes and dreams and fears,
Too many songs with happy endings,
But could it be things turn out right sometimes?


How to be “Just Friends”.

Time, the healer.
You and I try,
Fly my dreams, floating.
Most times words I’m choking.

Dream keeper.
Grim reaper,
It’s you.

Some things never change.
Some die.
Tell me why I’m wondering,
Why this is goodbye.

Back and forward.
I’m the coward.
Sometimes it’s all I want and then again…
Who knows?

Hanging in the Air (1999)

I thought that there was a lack of songs about the ubiquitous mobile phone. At the time of writing, there probably was! The song’s taken this long to reach the open air. At school, people should be taught how to speak on the phone without shouting,and also how to use them efficiently and effectively, unlike the person in this song!

Can you hear me?
You know I’ll be there with you soon.
Oh really?
I’m nearly,
Somewhere near the bar.

Breaking up the signal’s
Raking in my credit.
Battery is fading,
Only one bar left to
Go all the way,
Down to the station.
Our communication’s
Hanging in the air.

It’s tomorrow.
You haven’t called me since today.
It’s nearly two.
We’ll wait another twenty anyway.

You’re nearly there.
I know you’ll be here with me soon.
First right,
Then carry on,

Live it up (28th December 2000)

The stars came out tonight,
Just like I thought they might.
Empty and cold,
Just like we’ve all been told.

Touching my heart,
You make it fall apart.
Shouldering the blame,
Tomorrow’s just just the same.

So live it up

Laughing and joking
Screaming and choking

Live it up,
’cos we’ll never live this down.

My stars came out too late,
And I just sit and wait.
Smouldering the flame.
Tommorrow’s just the same.

If I could I would,
And if I would I could.
These words so hard to tame.
But don’t ever call it a game.

Never know the rules

Written on my 30th birthday. Hence the first two lines!

So you made it?
Celebrate it.
Try to fake it.
Don’t you hate this?
Only lonely,
Galaxies away.
Oh so phoney.
Why didn’t you say?

Sometimes it matters… yes.

Sometimes we care,
Truth of the matter is,
Some of us are acting like
It’s the biggest game.
Someone should know that,
Some of us will never know the rules.

So tell me the first rule is “you’ll never know"
Oh well we know,
The second rule’s “the first one’s got to go”,
These four walls open like a door,
No more,
Oh what are you waiting for?
It’s a lovely theory when then the world is at your feet,
But when you walk in those shoes all your words sound a little weak.
Some things get discarded,
That’s the way it’s got to be.
The proud ones get rewarded,
But open your eyes and you’ll see;
Sometime you make it.

The Man Who Planted Trees (1997 and 2021)

This song was inspired by Jean Giono’s story The Man Who Planted Trees. Look it up online if you can find it, or read the book, with its lovely illustrations. It took ages to programme and record!

A man on a journey,
Takes his time,
He knows it is early;
Cool reflection,
Feels the eyes of a friend.
Silently they work the land.
A seed in his hand.
A seed in the ground.

“I returned, years gone by,
of freedom and genocide
To see,
Reality and memory,
And cut the ties.
All the things we have done:
Fragile earth
So easily overcome.
Tell me why, in a lifetime,
So many things must die.

But there,
Forgotten for so long.
The old man still carries on,
And all around,
As far as I could see,
(were) The labours of,
The man who planted trees.”

Monster (2012)

Monster, isn’t this fun?
Teeny tiny tiny teeny,
That’s the way the monster comes.
Monster, isn’t it neat?
The preacher tells you infidels are living at the end of your street.

Monster, what have you done?
So sure? You’re the one.
Midnight lights are flashing blue,
It’s come to what you surely knew
The victims didn’t like the game
Now all the papers know your name.

Nah, nah nah, etc

One look, isn’t that wrong?
A furtive glance,
A photograph,
Forbidden pages pull you along.
Download again and again,
The interNIC has chased your click: the latest greatest beast in the pen.

The monster is still hiding inside.
Just waiting until the right time.
And everyone with any sense is trying to find a way.
To keep the monster in and stop it coming out to play.
And who only knows just what we can do?
It wasn’t really me!
It wasn’t really you!

What have you become?
More, more and more,
You’ll finish because you began.
Midnight’s flashing flashing blue,
The neighbours say they never knew.
The victims didn’t like the game,
Now all the papers know your name.

Never Walk Alone (2003)

The wildest of all days,
And the world’s all out of focus in these rivers of rain.

A faceful of pain,
And did I need reminding why I’m travelling again?

Don’t ask me,
’cause all you’ll get is useless love and sympathy.

In this world you’re all alone,
But somebody who knows your name could be calling you home.

All you have to do,
Is struggle in the dark.
All you have to do,
Is watch it fall apart.
All you have to hold,
These empty broken hearts.
All you have is gone,
But you’ll never walk alone.

They’ll finally come for you,
Because of something you said,
Or didn’t say,
Or did,
Or didn’t do.
We’ll hear it on the news,
’til darkness shuts our eyes and we’ll dream until the dawn.

And I’m not exactly to blame
I just started calling evil by a more pleasant sounding name.

Someone gave the call,
Their souls all flew like the butterflies they’d scratched on the wall.

All you have to do,
Is hidden at the start.
But all you have to prove,
Is hidden in your heart.

When everything is said,
And everything is done.
You’ll never be alone,
And you’re not the only one.

Repercussions (1999 / 2004)

This is a bit of an old-skool dance/electro track. It was originally built around a collection of samples from a US American Cold War safety reel from the 1950s. I’m no longer using it in this re-recorded version (which has some real instrument in the form of a low tin whistle), but I still feel the cold war connection to it.

The title comes from the echoed bass drum, which was the basic inspiration behind the track.

Shine (1999)

A song about our seductive consumer culture and the damage it does to our health.

Smile like the sun,
You rise to the occasion.
Now it’s begun.
The grass is always greener…
Where were you going?
Did you “leap before you look?”
Tempt you,
Take you,
Lead you.
Like some carrot on a hook.

The line we follow,
And then we swallow.
Until it all goes down, yeah.
You’re feeling hollow?
Wait til tomorrow.

Burn like the sun.
I’m overcome.
I am not the,
Only one, wandering wondering;
Is it really better,
Yesterday tomorrow,
Not now?

Leave all the old queues,
And step out of tired shoes.
It really is that simple.
It really is that easy.
You try to tempt me.
So sad that they think it makes me happy.
I’ve changed my mind,
This time.

Now it’s done.
Pure resignation.
And everything is beautiful,
The meaner the better.
And I’ve been crying,
For the struggle and the waste and the race we run.
But now, somehow,
It’s the birds and the bees and the sun is shining! (for)
All these foolish stars I’ll follow,
Oh let me swallow.
Until it all goes down down/oh let me drown
It’s new today (and)
It’s new tomorrow.

Something Still Remains (2013 and 2016 remix)

I thought I’d do a Christmas song. The “darkness” line is inspired by the carol Oh Little Town of Bethlehem - “The darkness and the light, are met in thee tonight”. Cargo ship dimensions are thanks to Wikipedia!

A thousand LEDs,
Are wrapped around the trees.
And friends are fighting foe,
On every TV show.
All these thoughts combine,
Still after all this time.
It’s only once a year.
Won’t somebody, somebody raise a cheer?

It’s Christmas time.
The Christmas balls and chains.
It’s Christmas time,
But something still remains.

The season has arrived,
All stacked in ships fifty metres wide.
It comes so slow and then it’s gone so fast,
And every one must be better than the last.
Something stayed behind,
The tinsel and the wine.
The darkness and the light,
Are both in you tonight.

It’s Christmas time,
For all these balls and chains.
It’s Christmas time,
And something still remains.
It’s Christmas time,
Something still remains.

Stars for you

The continual descent of man, “From Genesis, to Revelation”.

Turn on the lights,
What a beautiful scene,
Spin it around,
That’s the first day, whatever.
Turn on the water for oceans and seas.
Colour in spaces with rivers and trees.
Suns and the moons, all the lights in the sky,
Things start to swim and then walk and then fly,

Fog at the dawn,
Sun sparking flames from the
Dew-dropping leaves in the woods without names.
Violets, volcanoes, tundra and sand,
Treasures unseen shining under the land.

I’ve been building stars for you.

Fruit of the tree
Just a simple request:
Not to eat that one - have all the rest.
Maybe it’s stupid to make them at all.
What can you expect out of rib bones and soil?
So down come the demons and greed comes behind.
Walk out of Eden, yeah leave me behind but

I’ve been building stars for you,
I’ve been wishing that it’s true,

That I didn’t mean it.
When I said that I love you.

Ten thousand years of getting it wrong.
I’m frankly amazed that you lasted so long.
So blacken the skies and mess up the weather,
Burn off the atmosphere, oh aren’t we clever
And after it all, all sheepish and shy.
Guilty as hell, you still hope you’ll get by, oh

I’ve been building stars for you.
I’ve been wishing that it’s true,

That I didn’t mean it.
When I said that I love you.

but I do. It’s true.

Sticks and Stones

I don’t believe in just the world I hear on the radio. Journalists complain about “Sound-bite politics”, but they invented the sound-bite! Growl!

Turn on tune in it’s so easy,
So here we are now make me queasy,
Slow but surely take the poison,
Til someone comes and takes everything you ever had

Away (stick and stones to break my bones)
Away (oh so scared when we’re all alone)
Replay (Wishing someone would take this all)

Everybody knows it’s not as
Bad as you think and that maybe
No news is good news but somehow
We believe the lies and it takes all hope

It’s hot off the hot off the hot off the hot off the press
And somehow it never fails to depress
Exclusive exclusive exclusive exclusive scoop.
They’re just trying to take away my youth.
Sell sell at any price,
Because the money’s nice
So they all serve,
What we deserve.
Sell sell at any price,
Because the money’s nice
So they all serve,
What we deserve.

Good news is no news? Don’t bother.
Just tell me all the sins of others.
Wonder why you’re feeling scared?
Read the papers - no one cares.

Talk to Me (1993)

Talk to me,
In your loving whisper so loud.
I’m feeling…
Set me free,
Your eyes will never conquer,
What you see.
I’m falling for you.

“Once Upon a Time”
Because now’s the time the only time and now it’s not enough.
Wallow in the pain,
Swallowing the same;
I’m feeling it leaving,
The fear is the feeling,

Whisper my name.
Is it so much to believe that I feel this way?
Under the sun,
Clouds and rain-shine,
It’s true…
Talk to me.

Talking to you words of physical freedom,
I wanna hear you,
Don’t fight the feeling,
Soul demanding this:
That your ears are open.
Mind receiving inner healing,
The new song coming on strong,
Pump action.
Linear attraction.
New day dawning,
My solution,
Our tribe nation,
The flow.
The ancient beating drum:
Just begun.
This time,
This change has come
Synchronise with different eyes.
Never stop until its done.

Sun, light in your hair,
Moon, light in your touch,
I want to be there,
I need you so much.
Let me be,
Something you depend on,
Can it be
You could understand this feeling?

The Time! The Time!

If the Smiths were a folk band… My custom-made capo led to some new chords which led to this song about getting older.

Just keep breathing;
The time! The time! The time!
Keep those feelings out of sight until they’re out of mind.
One more season ‘til the feeling I’ve finally arrived.
Don’t deceive me.
Am I leaving the best behind?

I know “it’s only a game.”
And I know, but I still play it again and again.
Don’t you tell me where to begin.
The time, the time, the time, the time, the time!

Too late

This one gradually developed into a song in support of the road protestors in 1997.

How can I tell why, now?
I don’t know.
Does it show?
Bewildered and revealing.
But now the truth is out…
And now you know what it’s all about,
It’s too late.

Once again it’s my shame,
That had me running for cover.
Half wrong all along,
It ends one way or another.

Some people say that we need our transportation.
Some people think it’s only vegetation.
Some people believe it’s the only solution.
Some people know.
Some people will know too late.

So sorry but what’s the worry now?
Chop down a tree,
Build a factory.
Anything left for the birds and the bees?
But if it’s me,
And if it’s cheap.
And now you know what it’s all about.
It’s too late.


For good friends who just disappear and you never ever see again.

I didn’t pay the piper to call the tune,
I just asked for more and I got the moon.
Empty words just make it worse.
I asked for more,
I got the universe.

Galaxies still fill the skies.
History reflects in wondering eyes.
Nothing’s simple, so say I.
I spend nights like this just wondering why.

Life goes on,
Happily-ever-after so they say.
Right or wrong,
You can almost hear the seconds tick away.
The hopes and fears and all those years,
The sense, the silence, the humility.
I will treasure what you gave to me.
Gave to me.

You didn’t light a candle to curse in vain.
You didn’t light a candle for shelter from the rain.
You were burned and something caught a flame.
How did you learn the words that call my name.

How complicated can it be?
Simple counting one on one.
Why do we never notice til it’s gone?

To Be Human (2014 - 2019)

Your way of being human is likely no better (or worse) than most of the millions of other weird and wonderful ways of being human!

Oh, Oh my soul.
Where? Where do you go?
It’s not a game so tell me what’s the score?
And who is it deciding which way you choose to go?
Does it make you feel better? Let me know.

You may take the higher road and I may take the low
Everyone’s a loser but the winners never know.

All the nights and days we’ll never know
And all of the ways you got through them
So many doors. Some of them could have been yours.
There are so many ways to be human

You’re squandering your mental wealth,
Living like you’re someone else.
You can only be your be yourself.
Oh how we’ve been fooled:
There aren’t any rules.
But who knows? Is any of this true?

You may take the lower road and I may take the high.
And both of us will wonder if the other one was right.

What makes you better than me?
What makes me better than you?

When Nero plays his violin.

For the recipient of my romantic letter who never wrote back, but moved to America, had a baby instead. The last thing I’d heard was that they’d gone to prison!

They think it’s all over,
It prob’ly is now.
Don’t even bother;
I’ll find out somehow.
(just) Burn my letter.
You’ll feel better - anyway.
You’re free.
So sorry ‘bout me…

But how’re you meant to know,
Which way will it go?
Everywhere I turn
My roads will lead to Rome,
When Nero plays his violin
Sometimes I think it’s better to be lonely
Sometimes I think that love is suicide
Sunshine; well it helps to count the weather
Dreaming my life away…

Stupidly clever,
To think that I’m brave.
And “sorry to take you"
Won’t turn in my grave.
The most painful sequel;
I’m able to recall
Could we have been equal?
You never knew me and you never cared,
So how could I hurt you?

Where you are

Hideously sickly “Sesame Street” style, and just begging to be sung by a puppet frog, but I like it ayway

Sometimes I remember the days,
Wondering where you are.
A candle flame,
Now you’re all here again.
Straight out of the blue.
Seperate ways mean lonely days.
Love is blind when the lovers entwine.
I still see,
So wait for me.
You know you’ll always be needing a friend.

Enter the rainbow.
The clouds make come and the clouds may go.
Walk the way that we all go:
Light above and the ground below.
And when the winter winds have blown,
And the trees are bare and the flowers have gone.
Eyes still see.
Wait for me.
We’ll always be here in the end.

And after all you make the fall.
Straight into our hands beneath you.
Let go ‘cause you know.
You’d better believe that

Peace is an illusion,
When it’s peace without a care.
And trust is just a word because,
You never need to share.
And why are we so cool and cold
That we grow apart as we grow old?
Sometimes I remember the days.
Wondering where you are.

Wood for the trees

A song about slowing down a bit and just BEING

Inchworm, inchworm.
Measuring the marigolds.
Through the garden,
All one by one.
Til you reach the end.
Inchworm, Inchworm.
Treasuring and tarrying.
Slow but surely,
You’re there before me.
I see so poorly…

So may I never be one to deny,
That I should live
Oh we
Can’t see the wood for the trees,
And these are something we need,
As we speed,
All through the garden,
The garden
The garden,
Oh pardon me.

Dying, dying.
I am quickly dying.
Trying to hold this,
Trying to mould this,
Trying all I can.
“Out my way"
Can’t hold things anymore.
Through my fingers,
Til nothing else lingers,
Gently crash to the floor.

The Wonder of it All (1996)

Some people go to walk on holy ground
Some people stay, and nothing more is found
Some people see, and wonder if there’s more
Some people know the wonder of it all.

Now… Wondering
All I know: so far to go.
The truth is so elusive, The mind so inconclusive but we
All have our uses, someday.

Find the door and live some more
Cast ashore: the fatal flaw,
Adrift in the ocean.

See… Understand,
Take my hand.
Step into the stars.

Some people do… nothing
Some people say… nothing
Some people take the time…
Some people smile.

After all that’s gone before,
With everything worth trying for,
I’m concluding less is more,
And living is better than dying for.

Set your store on sure as sure,
Or rest your oars on distant shores.
Your imagination… your destination

And when the doors open
Sometimes your heart’s broken
Sometimes you’re flying blind
Sometimes it’s fine.